Gluten Free Houston

Last week I was sent a box of Gluten free goodies from Gluten Free Houston. 

I was sent the Burger/Sandwich buns the Coffee Cake muffin and the Carrott Cake muffin.

The burger buns were VERY exciting for me. I was sent 4 buns to review. I made a burger, a BLT (which is very hard to eat on a lettuce wrap), turkey sandwich and a good ole' PB & J on the buns.  The buns were sweet and savory but were strong enough to last to the very last bite. They were a bit crumbly when I sliced them open but they stayed together well. I really enjoyed them.

The coffee cake muffin was delicious. It was firm (consist of a GF muffin) but delicious. The cinnamon/coffee flavor was spot on. The texture was crumbly and spongy like a cake. I really enjoyed them with my coffee.

The carrott cake I had my husband review as they had butter in them. (Gluten free but not dairy free) The muffin was soft, sweet and spongy. My husband said that it was cakey without all the sweetness. (whatever that means)

Overall I would recommend both the coffee cake muffins (I have to order some more of those) and the burger buns. They were yummy. Thanks for the samples Gluten Free Houston!

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