Kids and Allergies

My kids are very aware of all my allergies. They reminded their teachers on Valentine's day that I could not have chocolate and the chocolate dove candies the teachers were passing out for the parent's Valentine's were not going to work for me. They are constantly asking me what is in the food to see if I can share it with them. They are aware of what's in food and where it comes from. 

Recently Woody (my oldest son) has friended a child in his class that has a severe peanut allergy. He asked me to read the labels on the candies in the store before we bought his Valentine cards, he wants me to pack his lunch peanut free so he can sit with his Kindergarten friend at the peanut free table. He is aware of what's in the food and what's not and how harmful it can be for his friend to have peanuts. 

This all makes me wonder. With the percentages of gluten free, dairy free, peanut free, tree nut free, folks in the United States rising where are all these allergies coming from? There are plenty of articles on line where doctors try to explain why the rise in allergies is steadily increasing. This is a good one. The main reason being an increased awareness of the problem by physicians and patients. While I also personally believe it's an increase in convenience foods and over processed foods. (do we really know what's in our foods?) 

I am grateful that my children do not suffer from food allergies and that my boys accept the food I eat when I make it for them. I'm grateful that they will enjoy soy, almond and cow's milk in their lives. That they will understand the difference between wheat flour and Gluten free flour. I am happy that the one great thing that came from this allergy is that I am aware of what's going into my body and what I'm feeding my boys.

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