Dairy free ice cream

I have never ever ever liked coconut, coconut milk or coconut breaded concoctions. Coconut cake, my mother's favorite dessert, always baffled me. I never understood why anyone would want to eat that. Then I learned I had a dairy allergy. The creamy goodness of coconut milk was reexamined and I tried it once again. It's not as bad as I remembered it to be and it's really sweet so what's not to like?

One of my all time favorite non dairy ice cream is Turtle Mountain Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl. It is made out of coconut milk and has no whey, dairy or gluten. It tastes delicious and satisfies my craving for chocolate and peanut butter ice cream...if they could only make peanut butter cup ice cream I'd be set.

This week I have been craving fudgsicles big time and decided to try So Delicious (Turtle Mountain) fudge mini's. 70 calories of fudge goodness. They are sweet and you can definitely tell that they are made of coconut milk but the creamy chocolate taste overwhelms you and makes you feel like you really are eating a chocolate fudgsicle. Yum. I highly recommend these bars. I've been able to find them at my local grocery store (Giant food sells them!) Enjoy!

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  1. I HAVE to try this. I LOVE coconut! Thanks for the heads up!



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