Laughable moments

I went into the hospital Friday morning for a routine procedure and when the nurse gave me my allergy bracelet I laughed.
Sulfa, dairy, cats, gluten and whey. It only heard myself laugh out loud but it's amazing how much of difference 3 years can make. Going into having my children four years ago my bracelet said cats and sulfa. 

Luckily my sweet friend Sabrina gave me some wonderful Sweet Sin Bakery Snickerdoodles during my recovery. Which I am already half way through. Hooray for vegan and gluten free treats! Yum. 

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  1. It wasn't until I had my kids that my allergies popped out, like unwelcomed zits on prom night!

    I never had any allergies, now it's latex(!), milk and who knows whatever else is causing my problems!

    Aren't kids great? lol



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