How to save money on an allergy free diet

One of the first things I discovered when going gluten and dairy free was that the pre-packaged foods were really expensive. Buying chocolate chip cookies for example are 4.99 a box for 9 cookies! I started to explore my options. Sure you could sign up for the coupons on line or wait for a sale but I've found something easier (and cheaper). Buy in bulk online.

These cookies are 3.99 at my local store for one package. For 6 packages I can get them for 16.92 on Amazon. That's 2.82 a bag. AND if I sign up for subscribe and save they are $14.38 for six packages of cookies which makes them $2.39 a bag! 

The trick with subscribe and save on Amazon is there is no trick. You can use the feature as a one time thing or every month to save money. I use it for my coffee pods every other month (I save a lot of money and never have to worry about running out of pods).

I love Amazon for gluten and dairy free products. Especially ones that I know I'm going to buy again and again and again (like Chocolate chip cookies).  Try Subscribe and Save and let me know what you think. 

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  1. I love Subscribe and Save! Do the free trial of Amazon Prime membership and you'll get free shipping too!



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