Naturally gluten free??

Flour, Sorghum, "Sweet" White, Wheat & Gluten Free, 22 oz.
 Here is an interested (and disturbing) article about the contamination of naturally gluten free grains. What puzzles me is what happens now? How will we know how to label products that are 'suppose' to be gluten free. Is the 20 parts per million enough? Should it be 10 ppm? 1 ppm? When is it enough to know just how much gluten is in our gluten free products?

Will a consumer ever truly know what journey their products go through to get to their front door? Should consumers ever buy a product from a company that they know makes gluten free and gluten products?

The questions perplex me and I'm not sure how the FDA or CSA should proceed with this information. While it's useful to know it makes me want to cook my own meals, grow my own food and live on a farm somewhere. (while the idea sounds nice I will move out to the middle of nowhere).

It will be interesting to watch to see what happens next in the Gluten free community.

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